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Back2Work Digital Solutions

Accelare’s Back2Work Solutions for Safe and Compliant Re-opening  

Accelare is dedicated to assisting organizations in the development and execution of safe and efficient back-to-work processes. Using our expertise in strategy-to-execution, coupled with our experience in application development on the ServiceNow platform, we are building tools for organizations to use to re-open safely in compliance with all state and local regulations.  As businesses plan for re-opening:

  • New Organization-wide processes must be identified and implemented with great urgency.
  • End-to-end digital workflows provide a blueprint for efficient back-to-work processes, including mobilization around critical requirements ahead of and during implementation.
  • Digital transformation via newly identified capabilities and supporting technology is the clear path forward to organization-wide alignment and execution to meet all safety and compliance regulations. 

Back2Work Enterprise Capability Model

Back2Work Assessment

ServiceNow's Workplace Readiness and Workforce Readiness applications address elements of the Back2Work Enterprise Capability Model  but are not an end-to-end solution. Accelare recognizes the need for additional applications to compliment ServiceNow's to provide an end-to-end digital solution. Combining Accelare's solutions with ServiceNow's delivers the technology required to support the digital transformation of back-to-work.  

Key findings for a safe and compliant back-to-work solution:

  • Without technology solutions to support newly identified capabilities, organization-wide mobilization around the development, certification/training, implementation and compliance monitoring of new standard operating procedures (SOPs) is not realistic.
  • Technology solutions must support the end-to-end business model redesign (comprised of the newly identified capabilities) to ensure scalability and adoption across the enterprise. 
  • End-to-end technology solutions that support business model redesign (as seen in the Back2Work ECM), deliver true digital transformation for a safe and compliant back-to-work.

Accelare Offering:

Accelare is offering to deliver true digital transformation to organizations by implementing end-to-end technology solutions (Accelare and ServiceNow applications) that support the redesign and deployment of the Back2Work Enterprise Capability Model. 

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Bill McDermott, chief executive officer at ServiceNow, discusses a suite of apps the digital workflow company released to help businesses get back to the office. He speaks on "Bloomberg Technology." (Source: Bloomberg)


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Provide SOP Training and Certification

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Measure and Monitor Compliance

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