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Know Before You Go: A Story About Government Culture

The Essentials of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Supercharge Your OKRs & Empower Your Remote Workforce: Part Two

Cracking the Code: 3 Ways to Improve Business-to-Government Communication

Supercharge Your OKRs & Empower Your Remote Workforce

The Future of Work: The Role of Tech in a New Landscape

Chatbots:  Transforming Experience

The ‘Aha’ Moment: Digital Transformation is More Than an IT Investment

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3 Principles to Designing Delightful Government Experiences

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Citizen Connections - Digital = Emotional

The Current State of Digital Insurance – The Perfect Storm

Upcoming Webinar Just in time resource planning

The Downside of AI Powered Transformation — Part 2

The Upside of AI Powered Transformation - Part 1

Governance: Where’s the Beef?

Improving Project Outcomes

Six Steps to Better Strategy Execution

The Challenges of Managing Business Transformation!

Capability Sourcing in a Time of Volatility

Are your project portfolios achieving the desired results?

A Sandbox for Business Transformation

Why PMOs still struggle to manage strategic priorities

Clay Models Break (so do strategies that aren't engineered)

Select the Right Solution to Build Your Business 2.0 Capabilities

The Evolution of the Service Economy

Understanding the Strategy Diffusion Problem

Why Good Strategy Goes Bad

Five Steps to Fuel Your Business’ Digital Future

If Jimi Hendrix visited the RMV...part 5

Are You Managing Your Strategy Blindly?

WorkFit Whiteboard Video: Custom Measures

If Jimi Hendrix visited the RMV...part 4

If Jimi Hendrix visited the RMV...part 3

The Waiting is The Hardest Part....Not Any More!

If Jimi Hendrix visited the RMV...part 2

If Jimi Hendrix Visited the RMV...

Good Customer Experiences...Starts and Ends with Good Business Processes

How to Drive Greater Value from Business Architecture? A Question Behind a Question.

WorkFit Basic for SharePoint

Five Ways to Fail at Business Architecture

How to Move Your BA Practice from Good to Great

What Do Business Architects Do?

How to Avoid an Overcommitted Organization

Three Rules for Change

Five Essential Capabilities for Change

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Creating a People Centric Architecture: Part 2

Creating a People Centric Architecture: Part 1

WorkFit Feature Round-Up: Capability Sourcing

People Centric Business Architecture, Take 2

3 Things All Non-Profits Should Know

Creating a People Centric Architecture

The Wonderfund: A Non-Profit with Everything to Gain

Current Business Architecture Definitions Are Not Helpful

WorkFit - Enterprise Accountability

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact the Future

Does a Common Business Architecture Definition Matter?

The Business Architect Consultant

WorkFit - Platform Assessment

Capability Models and Geodesic Structures

5 Things Chuck Can Teach Us About the Digital Workforce

Three Common Misconceptions about AI and Big Data

WorkFit - Pick a Card...Any Card

5 Things Your Fraud Unit NeedsTo Do

WorkFit Migrates to HTML

Let the Dataset Change Your Mindset

An Entrepreneur's Growth Challenge

Drowning in Data: The Need for Effective Storytelling with Big Data

The War on Healthcare Fraud

S2E for the Entrepreneur

Identify the Right Process Changes for a Successful Re-org

What is business architecture anyway?

Ditching Legacy Thinking in Estonia

What does it take to start a business architecture practice?

New eBooklet: The Role of AI in Business Transformation

A Few More Thoughts

A Word to The Scrum Master Wise

I’ve Been Thinking

Platform Assessment Made Compelling in WorkFit

How to Use Customer Value Maps to Guide Service Strategy

WorkFit Feature Round-up: The Project Canvas

The Agility Trap

Keep Calm and Make Decisions

The Balance of Humility and Confidence

The Power of Diversity

Transforming Government

Congratulations! You’ve Earned Your Nile River Badge.

A Transformation Manifesto

What does it take to be a successful Business Architect?

WorkFit Feature Round-up: Assessing Capabilities

Identify your Industry’s Customer Experience Factors

Every Day Agile

Making the Business Case for Platform Change in Talent Management

Identify Your Unique Customer Segments

Strategy to Execution - The Secret Sauce for the Digital Era (Part 1)

Five Steps Towards Delighting Your Customer

Capabilities Demystified - Part 4

Capabilities Demystified - Part 3

Capabilities Demystified - Part 2

WorkFit Webinar Tutorial - Capabilities Demystified: The Capability Module

Capabilities Demystified - Part 1

The Business Architect Collaborator

More Questions than Answers

WorkFit Webinar Tutorial - How to Align Projects to Your Capabilities and Business Goals.

The Well Architected Organization

Four Reasons NOT to Become a Business Architect

Strategy to Execution 101 – New Webinar

Why Do You Want to be a Business Architect?

WorkFit Feature Round-up: Relating Applications to Capabilities

The Strategy Clarification Process, Part 2

Alaska Airlines Customer Experience Review – Listen to Your Most Profitable Customers

Designing the Strategy Clarification Process

WorkFit Feature Round-up: The Capability Family Canvas

What Are Business Architecture’s Quantifiable Benefits?

How To Assess Business Architecture’s Progress

A Strategy Execution Process

Strategy Execution Success Is the Key Component of Business Architecture Success

Are You Designing Customer Journeys ... or Taking Your Customers for A Ride?

The Business Architect's Job Family

Are You Passionate Enough?

WorkFit Feature Round-up - Roadmaps. Anyone?

Classifying the Business Architect

Directing Traffic at the Intersection of Hunger and Health

Hiring Business Architects: A Case Study

WorkFit Video Series - Episode #1 The Strategy Module

Five Ways to Measure Business Architecture Performance

WorkFit Feature Round-up: The New Strategy Module

Growing Impact is Key to Business Architecture Success

Five MORE Questions Business Architects Should be Able to Answer

Five Questions Every Business Architect Should be Able to Answer

Recruiting Business Architects is a Serious Challenge

Six Attributes of the Entrepreneurial Business Architect

Feature Round-up: A List of August 2015 WorkFit Product Updates

Do You Have a Human Centric Architecture?

The Middle Management Opportunity for Business Architects

Client Lessons Corner: How A PMO Turnaround Created A New Feature

Ready for Customer Journeys?

Introducing the WorkFit Product Blog

Zero-based Budgeting Needs a New Twist

How Leaders Can Clarify Types of Strategy to Align their Organization

The Business Architect's Dilemma: Are Capabilities Nouns or Verb-Nouns?

5 Reasons Good Strategy Goes Bad

Why High Performance Organizations Are Hard to Build

Four Business Architecture Value Propositions

Your Company Doesn’t Want Business Architecture

Three Types of Strategy

A New Paradigm For Business Architecture

Penn State Announces Professional Masters In Enterprise Architecture