A Sandbox for Business Transformation

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Strategy& published a gem of an article, The Serious Business of Sandboxes.  Here’s a few snippets:

Why PMOs still struggle to manage strategic priorities

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I recently asked myself how many times, in the past year, have I read that PMOs need to ensure programs and projects are delivering value. Which leads to the thought, well of course, but how? As I read these various

Clay Models Break (so do strategies that aren't engineered)

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Recently, I stumbled across this article "In a high-tech world, car designers still rely on clay."  It made me think about the strategy to execution process in many companies: “Car designers have every kind of

Select the Right Solution to Build Your Business 2.0 Capabilities

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Are your existing applications at the end of their useful life? Are you considering which technology strategy is right for your company and how today’s cloud platforms and applications align to your business needs?

The Evolution of the Service Economy

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become the nervous system for nearly every organization big and small.  Fundamentally ERP links functional business groups (Sales, Accounting, Marketing, HR, Production,