Understanding the Strategy Diffusion Problem

The Business Architect

“Everyone is trying to do their best but they don’t fully understand our strategy. As a consequence, we are getting better and better at things that don’t matter.” 

Why Good Strategy Goes Bad

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Author's note. Almost every day I talk with smart, capable executives who struggle to bring their strategies to fruition. They want to run a great organization but settle for good… and often less. These executives

Five Steps to Fuel Your Business’ Digital Future

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As more business organizations embark upon their digital journey and become more service oriented in the “as a service” economy, the greatest results will come from taking a holistic perspective that re-imagines

If Jimi Hendrix visited the RMV...part 5

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He might have asked, “Are you [customer] experienced?”, but then again, probably not.  One thing he would have most likely agreed with, though, is that nearly all of us have had a Registry of Motor Vehicles -

Are You Managing Your Strategy Blindly?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and business intelligence are hot topics in many companies and attracting big budgets.  Companies are launching pilots and centers of excellence to tap into the power of big data.  Why?