Good Customer Experiences...Starts and Ends with Good Business Processes

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Creating good customer or constituent experiences is the difference between great companies and all others. What is a great experience? My working definition: a great customer experience delivers the outcome the

How to Drive Greater Value from Business Architecture? A Question Behind a Question.

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How do you measure the value of business architecture?  This is a constant question I get from our customers. It is also proven to be quite a challenge to answer. My response has changed over time as Business

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The Business Architect Business Architecture WorkFit Product Capability Model

How many companies are still using spreadsheets to manage their process/capability inventory?  Most organizations started with Microsoft Excel and have struggled to socialize the business value of capability-based

Five Ways to Fail at Business Architecture

Most business architecture analysts and pundits (including me) focus on how to succeed at business architecture. And indeed, most of what I have written has concentrated on how to succeed and sustain a business

How to Move Your BA Practice from Good to Great

The Business Architect

In my business architecture research, I have discovered three fundamental types of practices: struggling, succeeding, and sustaining. Struggling practices are typically early in their development – less than two