If Jimi Hendrix visited the RMV...part 2

Transformation Customer Experience

Unpacking Customer Satisfaction (CSat) In our first installment, “If Yogi Berra Visited the RMV...” we described a very simple and straight forward process Accelare developed to dramatically reduce wait

If Jimi Hendrix Visited the RMV...

Transformation Customer Experience

He might have asked, “Are you [customer] experienced?”, but then again, probably not.  One thing he would have most likely agreed with, though, is that nearly all of us have   had  a Registry of Motor Vehicles

Good Customer Experiences...Starts and Ends with Good Business Processes

WorkFit Product Customer Experience

Creating good customer or constituent experiences is the difference between great companies and all others. What is a great experience? My working definition: a great customer experience delivers the outcome the

How to Drive Greater Value from Business Architecture? A Question Behind a Question.

The Business Architect Business Architecture Capability Model WorkFit Product

How do you measure the value of business architecture?  This is a constant question I get from our customers. It is also proven to be quite a challenge to answer. My response has changed over time as Business

WorkFit Basic for SharePoint

The Business Architect Business Architecture Capability Model WorkFit Product

How many companies are still using spreadsheets to manage their process/capability inventory?  Most organizations started with Microsoft Excel and have struggled to socialize the business value of capability-based