7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact the Future

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 Few people would deny the increasing linkage between man and machine. The relentless “Information Revolution” has given rise to Artifical Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies, capable of mimicking — to some

5 Things Chuck Can Teach Us About the Digital Workforce

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As a fan of the Subway cult classic “Chuck” I was intrigued as to how far away the technology featured in the show is. For those not familiar with the show’s premise, Chuck, played by Zachary Levi, is a Stanford

Three Common Misconceptions about AI and Big Data

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For those of us who view statistics more like “sadistics,” artificial intelligence and big data are suspect, intimidating, and big money. Here’s why we are wrong.

5 Things Your Fraud Unit NeedsTo Do

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In the recent blog The War on Healthcare Fraud , our colleague made the case that the Health plans and Government Health agencies will never win the war “one tip at a time.” Something dramatically different is needed.

Drowning in Data: The Need for Effective Storytelling with Big Data

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Living in the information age can be at once illuminating and daunting. From a business perspective, modern companies now have unparalleled abilities to gather information to keep them smart in their respective