Alaska Airlines Customer Experience Review – Listen to Your Most Profitable CustomersWhat matters most to your customers?  The Customer Experience Module in WorkFit features a new Customer Experience Scorecard feature built to improve the Quality of the customer experience you deliver, and used to motivate and focus employees.  It also offers a canvas to build your own customer journey.  You are able to tell the complete story of the customer’s experience:

  • from initial contact,
  • through the process of engagement
  • and into a long-term relationship.

WorkFit's Customer Experience Module provides a framework for better understanding the journey that your customers travel through as they engage with your company, brand, products, partners, and people. Sign up for an overview.

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by Matt Burke

WorkFit users continues to grow, we have been challenged to reach all of the users to share tips and tricks to get even more out of WorkFit.  Along side the  Monthly Feature Round-Up and Accelare Webinar Series, the WorkFit Video Series focuses on providing information related to the latest features in WorkFit. The WorkFit Video Series is our attempt to answer that challenge of communicating how to build the most productive organization possible.  We hope you enjoy this month's video:

by Mark McCormick publishes a survey of failure rates for projects for a variety of industries and project types. It is called the Chaos Report. Though the results vary slightly year to year, In general, their results state that approximately 39% of projects are considered failures and 66% are considered challenged (definition being that it does not meet one of the 3 criteria of on time, on budget, and meeting the requirements).

by Mark McCormick