Context is everything! Well, maybe not everything, but definitely more important than most like to admit. It is much easier to think that we can craft a strategy so powerful, create a model so logical, design a process so efficient that everyone will see the brilliance in our methods and follow us to the ends of the earth. This is very naïve thinking at best and maybe even a little delusional. I am doing a lot of thinking about how we can create a more objective view of the context that surrounds us and plays such a critical role in our endeavors and how to use that context to our advantage.




There are many contexts

by Jeff Scott

“Context eats strategy for lunch.”

This quote is typically attributed to Peter Drucker, one of the most revered management consultants and business authors of all time, whose writings made significant contributions to the foundations of today’s business corporation. Most of us know this to be true . . . yet, we often ignore it in our day-to-day activities. I have watched many smart, ambitious, driven mangers fail miserably by ignoring the reality of this statement. For a recent example just look at Ron Johnson who was incredibly successful at creating the Apple Store, but who failed miserably as JC Penney’s CEO. Why? I am sure there were a lot moving parts but Johnson failed largely due to his lack of appreciation for the Penney’s customer. He tried to apply the Apple model in a context where it just did not fit. Business architects should pay particular attention.

by Jeff Scott