Good Customer Experiences...Starts and Ends with Good Business Processes

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Creating good customer or constituent experiences is the difference between great companies and all others. What is a great experience? My working definition: a great customer experience delivers the outcome the

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

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More and more of today’s business transactions require customer involvement in the product or service.  Customers now print and scan their own airline and movie tickets, perform banking transactions, and order just

Identify the Right Process Changes for a Successful Re-org

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How to Use Customer Value Maps to Guide Service Strategy

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In the last couple of blogs, we introduced a 5 Step Process helping firms to build a unique Customer Value Profile for their enterprise.  In this blog, we will dive into the third step in the process where we align

Identify your Industry’s Customer Experience Factors

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In the last blog, we explored how a deep understanding of your customer segments (and their expectations of your product) can drive Value Innovation. We identified the reasons that customer subsets choose your