Three Common Misconceptions about AI and Big Data

artificial intelligence Healthcare Fraud big data

For those of us who view statistics more like “sadistics,” artificial intelligence and big data are suspect, intimidating, and big money. Here’s why we are wrong.

5 Things Your Fraud Unit NeedsTo Do

artificial intelligence Healthcare Fraud big data

In the recent blog The War on Healthcare Fraud , our colleague made the case that the Health plans and Government Health agencies will never win the war “one tip at a time.” Something dramatically different is needed.

Drowning in Data: The Need for Effective Storytelling with Big Data

Healthcare Fraud storytelling big data

Living in the information age can be at once illuminating and daunting. From a business perspective, modern companies now have unparalleled abilities to gather information to keep them smart in their respective

The War on Healthcare Fraud

AI Healthcare Fraud Machine Learning

This is the first of in series of blogs, articles, webinars, eBooks, and news blogs to help healthcare agencies, healthplans and their Fraud Investigation Units build the capabilities they need to win the war on