S2E approach addresses people, process and technology issues simultaneously.  Getting a clear and aligned strategy is an important first step.  However, as the late Jay Forrester taught us, businesses are complex systems and must be addressed holistically. It’s as if the components in the Figure are connected by slack ropes.  If you start changing one component, you will soon be held back by one of the others or worse the infrastructure snaps and halts progress.  Alignment needs to go deeper into the organization and technical architecture as well as measurement systems.

No one ever said transformation is easy; but can be less painful using the S2E process.

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by Richard Lynch

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by Richard Lynch

WorkFit users continues to grow, we have been challenged to reach all of the users to share tips and tricks to get even more out of WorkFit.  Along side the  Monthly Feature Round-Up and Accelare Webinar Series, the WorkFit Video Series focuses on providing information related to the latest features in WorkFit. The WorkFit Video Series is our attempt to answer that challenge of communicating how to build the most productive organization possible.  We hope you enjoy this month's video:

by Mark McCormick