Are your project portfolios achieving the desired results?

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It comes down to the "alignment challenge." Where is your alignment challenge? If you could pin point where it is today, where would it fall? A recent article I read from MIT Sloan Management Review, "No one knows

Why PMOs still struggle to manage strategic priorities

Webinar Strategy S2E strategy to execution PMO Prioritizing projects and investments

I recently asked myself how many times, in the past year, have I read that PMOs need to ensure programs and projects are delivering value. Which leads to the thought, well of course, but how? As I read these various

Clay Models Break (so do strategies that aren't engineered)

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Recently, I stumbled across this article "In a high-tech world, car designers still rely on clay."  It made me think about the strategy to execution process in many companies: “Car designers have every kind of

S2E for the Entrepreneur

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In a 1995 interview, Steve Jobs said at every stage of Apple whether he was in his garage or later at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, being successful required vision and execution.   Not all of us have the innate

Ditching Legacy Thinking in Estonia

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Twenty-five years ago, the Iron Curtain came down and many countries in Europe regained their independence.  In 1991, Estonia emerged from communist rule with an incredibly limited and backwards infrastructure.