New eBooklet: The Role of AI in Business Transformation

Transformation business artificial intelligence

By Seth Earley  and Richard Lynch

The Agility Trap

Transformation Strategy

If you’re like 87% of executives who responded to a 2016 Global Survey, digital transformation is currently a significant strategic challenge for your business. The survey resulted in The Agility Trap - Global Study

The Power of Diversity

Transformation Strategy

If your business model is changing, strategy becomes everyone’s job not just the C-Suite. As a result, teams need to explore new domains and move outside their comfort zone; the more diverse the team the better. Case

Transforming Government

Capability Model Transformation Strategy

When the transformation of government is brought up in conversation, the public often fears that it will be a major change in political policy. Their misconception usually includes that governmental transformation is

A Transformation Manifesto

Transformation Strategy

By Richard Lynch and Jack Calhoun