Clay Models Break (so do strategies that aren't engineered)

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Recently, I stumbled across this article "In a high-tech world, car designers still rely on clay."  It made me think about the strategy to execution process in many companies: “Car designers have every kind of

Select the Right Solution to Build Your Business 2.0 Capabilities

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Are your existing applications at the end of their useful life? Are you considering which technology strategy is right for your company and how today’s cloud platforms and applications align to your business needs?

Why Good Strategy Goes Bad

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Author's note. Almost every day I talk with smart, capable executives who struggle to bring their strategies to fruition. They want to run a great organization but settle for good… and often less. These executives

Are You Managing Your Strategy Blindly?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and business intelligence are hot topics in many companies and attracting big budgets.  Companies are launching pilots and centers of excellence to tap into the power of big data.  Why?

WorkFit Whiteboard Video: Custom Measures

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Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the upcoming Webinar: How to Drive Greater Value from Business Architecture. The turn out looks wonderful.  Jeff and I look forward to reconnecting with many of you.  For