Fully Capture Cloud Solution Value

At this juncture, we are hitting mainstream adoption in the growth curve of cloud for core and edge business applications. The question you may be asking is to what extent core and enabling business capabilities, enterprise processes, and legacy systems should be serviced through a cloud architecture and available offerings. This is a delicate balance of ROI, velocity, business risk, and disruption.

From a capability viewpoint, we believe this is not a one size fits all proposition. In the context of larger transformations and digitial ambitions, strategic capabilities such as Product/Service Innovation may need to have cloud platforms that allow for rapid, custom development of new offerings. Whereas enablement capabilities such as Talent Development may be better suited for SaaS solutions that leverage platform development for high priority functional gaps in conjunction with integration technologies to support hybrid architectures. If a diligent solution selection is conducted, the selected SaaS and PaaS suitability and gap assessment should be well understood and considered in the design process. 

Using S2E, Accelare drives business value centric design and collaborates with your team as we analyze

  • strategy, capability impact, and time horizon
  • business/technical architecture, on-premise / cloud topology and integration strategy
  • end to end process, user journey and experience
  • information design and analytics

Equally critical, migration plans are modeled in our WorkFit management tool that balance pace of technology and process change with disruption, risk, and resource constraints.

Whatever your goal may be – innovation, growth, or legacy modernization – pursue your journey using S2E to capture the most value cloud solutions can provide while avoiding roadblocks that reduce business benefit and inhibit progress.

WorkFit: The Platform Built to Manage the S2E Process


As business processes are the basis of execution, their effectiveness and efficiency are pivotal to attaining the level of impact your organization needs to meet your operational / financial goals.

WorkFit serves as the central hub to empower your organization to visualize process performance, measure progress against goals, and implement targeted improvements.


WorkFit Demo

Case Study - Rapidly Attain Cloud Solution Value

Accelare - The Role of AI in Business Transformation
A mid-size, global IT Services firm having IPO ambition needed to reassess its strategic priorities, operating plans, and business architecture to support a shift in operational focus from rapid scale and revenue growth to generating profit and growing at predictable rate.  Learn how we helped them attain their near term operational and financial goals.


 Case Study