Delivering the Customer Experience

While much has been said about the need to focus on Customer Experience (Cx) within the service industry; and Cx tools such as Design Thinking, Personas, and Customer Journeys are well established, less has been said or developed around implementing the Customer Experience. 

Too often design teams (external or internal) 'drop' the Customer Experience onto Operations with an abstract set of design artifacts such as:

  • Moments of Truth
  • Empathy Diagrams
  • Affinity Matrices
  • [Vague] metrics that might measure any of the above

Accelare's S2E for Customer Experience methodology leverages these artifacts in the context of the Enterprise Capability Model (ECM) identifying their impact on the people, business processes and supporting technology within Operations to ensure the design team's original Cx intent is realized within the enterprise.

S2E for Customer Experience ensures:

  • The organization has holistically embraced the Cx's promises to customer (e.g., what was sold) can be supported by Operations (e.g., what is delivered)
  • Moments of Truth within the Cx are supported by identified Capability Owners within Operations
  • Customer Journeys are designed, mocked and tested in a controlled environment to ensure seamless integration across all channels
  • Metrics are identified, monitored and delivered to ensure positive Net Promoter and CSat.

Digitize the Processes Behind the Most Important Customer Journeys


The ideal customer experience should be defined in enough detail to allow the organization to design and implement business processes that create effortless experiences. When those processes are executed consistently over time, odds are that the organization will realize improvements in brand reputation, increased revenue, and lower costs.

If you cannot root your customer experience in your actual customers’ authentic behaviors, needs, and challenges, then who is it good for? Building customer journey maps provide a visualization of the entire customer experience, but what about the business processes that deliver these experiences?

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