Millennials may be different but they bring a lot of advantages to the strategy table:

They know technology a heck of a lot better.

They take pride in challenging the system, not just working with it.

They’re often more educated, by the book and the street.

They’re not interested in office politics or office heroes.

They take risks for big gains.

Armed with social media savvy, the new workforce will distribute the news, not the other way around.   Unlike command and control leaders, they are more willing to listen to one another. 

If millennials is a major topic of conversation — and frustration — in your organization, our leadership workshops along with S2E Certification and WorkFit , helps leaders at all levels to adapt their management style to better meet workforce needs.

We help leaders give them meaningful ways to grow and contribute more at work such as:

  1. Recruiting team members to specific strategy formulation and execution opportunities such as new market exploration, collecting customer insights, and new capability development
  2. Develop tours of duty rotation
  3. Facilitating networking and connections with others on meaningful projects

We also address some policy issues that may need redesigning such as flex time, allowing for volunteering time on community/charity work, and uncoupling old communication lines to allow a freer flow of information.