What is Enterprise Fitness?

Enterprise Fitness is the ability to do 3 things at once; Run and Improve your current business model while simultaneously Transforming to your next generation business model. 

This is difficult to do without a cohesive Strategy-to-Execution Process (S2E) and supporting work tools. Try to describe how your organization manages and pursues strategy through day to day execution - it may not be all that clear, and you will likely find many disjointed or missing activities.

Accelare's Strategy-to-Execution Process makes your Enterprise Fit. Deploying this process accelerates your organization's ability to attain its goals and provides sustainable ability to

  • clearly integrate strategy with execution
  • rapidly innovate and develop new products/services
  • create seamless, multi-channel customer experiences
  • predictably deliver projects
  • develop high value, enabling IT and HR functions
  • employ an agile work model that empowers innovation and productivity

You spend most of your day at work – wouldn’t it be great if it was a healthy, super-productive, inspiring place to invest your skill, effort, passion and time?

Who should sponsor Enterprise Fitness and the Strategy-to-Execution Process?


You don’t need to be the CEO to sponsor Enterprise Fitness and the Strategy-to-Execution Process. This new process can be applied at multiple levels in your organization – CEO, Business Area or Project Owner.

The Strategy-to-Execution process can be introduced by executive leaders if the scope of the effort is Enterprise-wide. However, if you operate a business area or are the sponsor of a large project you will benefit from applying the process. You can start small and grow into a Fit Enterprise.

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Adopting and Scaling Agile

Your organization doesn’t need to suffer from slow decision-making or lack of accountability when executing work. Often transparency is missing which leads to these issues causing work and priorities to go off-track.

Our Adopting and Scaling Agile approach we teach new way of working. We help create sustainable and flexible processes to effectively implement Agile across an entire organization. 

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Enterprise Fitness Assessment

Is your organization fit to compete in top form? If you’re not sure, Accelare' s enterprise fitness assessment may be what your organization needs.

Our facilitated discovery process uncovers challenges as to the capability of the organization to deliver on your digital strategy, growth ambition, investment priorities or other strategic priorities. It also gets to heart of leadership alignment and execution issues.

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Next Gen Portfolio Management

Prioritizing investments across the organization and aligning project-based work to strategy can be a challenge. Taking time to build a strategy but then failing to invest resources in the right set of work results in unrealized benefits and burnout.

Accelare’s Next Gen Portfolio Management creates the critical linkage that builds the ability to bring strategic plans to prioritized executable project-based work. Our highly adaptive and customized solution will meet an organization where they are at and build for the future.

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How can I learn more about Enterprise Fitness?


Not another Leadership Develop Program. We have all been part of Leadership Development programs which are interesting at the moment but have no staying power or lasting impact.  They are the latest fad, too academic or not practical and lack the tools to implement at scale. 

Accelare has developed Leadership Development programs which create deep, lasting change built around the core process which leaders govern but is often missing…the Strategy-to-Execution Process.  We have also built the collaboration tool to support the process…Workfit.

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