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Enterprise platform to enable the Strategy-to-Execution Process

WorkFit for ServiceNow

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ServiceNow Solutions
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Next Gen Portfolio Management

Defining your priorities is not the toughest part

Organizations need a mechanism for communicating, managing, and reporting on strategic alignment.

Over the years, new disciplines and automated tools emerged in an attempt to address the strategy alignment challenge. Many organizations overlooked Portfolio Management and PPM frameworks, that have been around for some time, because the value they offered was not always apparent or organizations were not ready to apply them. Instead, they focused on the tactical day to day management of projects, while treating outcomes as ancillary. However, in an evolving digital world, these frameworks are an invaluable asset to connect projects to strategic outcomes.

Our Next Gen Portfolio Management will give you the ability to:

  • Manage to benefit value and business outcomes through portfolios and capabilities
  • Prioritize initiatives: Why, when, and how
  • Automate intake, prioritization, and strategy alignment using WorkFit
  • Implement the level of governance, process, and metrics appropriate for your organization’s maturity
  • Build the right EPMO structure for you, designed through our Strategy to Execution (S2E) process

We believe to successfully execute your strategy you must focus on creating valuable outcomes and prioritization processes while recognizing that organizations need structures, linking mechanisms, and information to effectively make strategic decisions and manage precious resources. 

Our approach adapts the most effective parts of the PPM frameworks for today’s agility-based organizations, giving you exactly what you need now and in the future. 

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