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Service Design Lifecycle Management

Design, deploy, deliver

Delivering the service design you created.

Service Design Lifecycle Management (SDLM) is Accelare’s proven methodology that instantiates Service Design through a multi-step stage-gate process that quantifies business value, validates assumptions, determines feasibility, and defines/aligns the customer’s Service Level Expectation (SLE) with the enterprise’s capabilities.  

SDLM leverages well-proven tangible goods development techniques such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, New Product Development and Introduction, and Concurrent Engineering along with recent customer facing/service innovations such as:

  • Service Design Thinking,
  • Customer Experience (Cx) modeling,
  • Service Blueprints, 
  • Customer Journeys, and Moments of Truth (MoTs)


  • Shorten Time to Market
  • Optimize Net Promoter Score and CSat
  • Better Outsourcing and 3rd party integration
  • Improved product quality and reliability
  • More accurate and timely request for quote generation

 SDLM leverages Accelare’s proven S2E framework that cuts across existing organizational silos to facilitate collaborative design, development and deployment of the service offering your 2.0 world demands. 

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