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Transformation Leadership Development

Improving leadership skills to execute better

In transformation and strategy execution, “leadership” is a way of working not a job title.

Accelare believes that realizing and leveraging future state capabilities should be in the role description of everyone. Our programs prepare current and potential leaders at every level for their roles in the S2E process.

Leadership development programs are available for every budget. Programs are built on a proven framework that integrates S2E leadership in Strategy Alignment, Program Guidance, Project Execution, Teaming, Change Facilitation, Organization Readiness, and Operational Excellence providing seamless handoffs and interactions.

Our education philosophy is “Just Enough – Just in Time – To the Right People” and at the same time “Available to All.” By using online introductory modules and simulations to introduce concepts and simple role-based tools, individuals can adequately prepare themselves. Team leads are provided with both targeted eLearning, workshop and coaching. Group classroom action-learning sessions are scheduled for specific topics and audiences.

We strive to make each person ready to perform well before they are put into the critical flow of work.

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