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Leaders are highly focused on adapting and reinventing their business models over the next 3-5 years as digital innovation accelerates, customer options and expectations grow, and competitive barriers lessen.

The common challenge?  Organizations lack a cohesive Strategy to Execution Process to orchestrate the need to deliver and improve short term results while investing in the next iteration of their business model.  Further, workforce expectations are also changing as global distributed teams and millennials are pushing leaders to foster social collaboration, create connection through shared sense of purpose and goals, and provide flexibility in getting work done.


S2E Whitepaper

Build A New Model of Work – The Social, Purpose Driven Organization for Today's Workforce


Re-envision how you manage, mobilize, and motivate teams. Accelare's S2E Training, WorkFit, and Embedded Change Agents provide the knowledge basis, tools, and talent to establish a New Model of Work and drive the Strategy-to-Execution process within your organization.

  • Prioritize, align, and communicate what needs to be done to deliver strategy.
  • Empower creativity, innovation and productivity with aligned team and individual goals
  • Transition from siloed, command and control execution to capability driven execution
  • Use WorkFit to manage and visualize capability value, investment priorities, and roadmaps.


Embedded Change Agents

“Produce while you transform” is the leadership mandate for our clients. In times of transformation, current leadership is hard pressed to guide and govern change AND produce business results with current capabilities.

Embedding an Accelare S2E Catalyst within your leadership team to infuses new ways of thinking and working to align people, process and technology around strategy execution and to prevent slipping back to "old ways of working."

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Transformation Leadership Development

Transformation work is not natural for operators. It is messy; it creates ambiguity; it challenges beliefs; it places unreasonable demands on people’s time and mindshare; and it forces fast and thoughtful decision-making.

Our Leadership Development programs are tailored to your transformation needs and your organization’s values, norms, and leadership maturity. We emphasize “leadership as a way of working” not constrained by title or organization hierarchy. Our programs prepare everyone who will contribute to transformation for their roles to accelerate project execution, maximize quality of design, facilitate transformation, and maximize likelihood of realizing desired results.

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Unleashing Millennials

Millennials are on to something. They are purpose-mission driven, they love to collaborate and want to be connected. They want a say in their futures. Where boomers worry about what they don’t know, and Gen-Xers presume that they know plenty, millennials don’t pay much attention to what they don’t’ know – they know they can figure it out (together).

If you want to retain these high performers, invite them into the strategy to execution process. Our programs help all those who lead, regardless of title, turn generation gaps into generational mindset advantages by providing the context they need and offering meaningful ways that they can grow and contribute more at work.

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S2E Certification

As more people are required to play a role in shaping strategy or implementing it, how do organizations create a common language and set of tools to drive strategy alignment and investment priorities?

Our S2E training covers both the basics and advanced concepts of driving strategy to execution. Common participants include executives, strategy and innovation professionals, businesses development leaders, portfolio managers, business and enterprise architects.

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What People Say

  • Wildly exceeded my expectations

    Project Business Sponsor

  • I was impressed with the quality of the class; the breath of the subject material, and; quality of artifacts in examples..I wish I had found this workshop two years ago

    Senior Executive

  • We got in 3 days what would have taken us 6-9 months

    Senior Executive

S2E Whitepaper