Congratulations to Marilyn Daly, who received the 2016 Boston CIO Award for Non-Profit Organizations!

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Join Accelare's June Webinar Series:  Strategy to Execution 101 - How Capability Planning Leads to Better Business Performance.

Business Leaders and Business Architects, when they work together, enable better business results through a more effective Strategy to Execution Process. 

Business Leaders have accountability for building an organization that is agile and adaptive. This requires being very clear about the capabilities that will set them apart from their competitors and identify clear targets for future investments. Effective business architects and architecture practices play a key role in strategy execution. Learn about the 3 critical steps business leaders count on from their business architecture practices to achieve long-lasting business performance success. 

Join Jack Calhoun and Jeff Scott as they discuss  what you can do to improve the collaboration between leaders and business architects to yield better insights and better strategy execution.

What: Accelare Webinar Series - Strategy to Execution 101

When: Friday, June 3, 2016 - 10:30AM ET

To register for the event please visit this site:

 Accelare Webinar - Register


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He no doubt would have asked, "Why do I always get stuck behind the slow customers, never behind the fast ones?" And while the question wouldn't rank among his best "Yogi-isms" it would , in fact, describe what many customers experience when they visit the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).  Namely, regardless of the length of your transaction, or how well prepared you are, you're greeted by the same monolithic First-In-First-Out (FIFO) waiting line as anyone else.

Governor Charlie Baker more concisely described the situation during his inauguration speech, "When people have to wait for hours to conduct a simple transaction at the Registry of Motor Vehicles they're not being served."  To remedy this, the Commonwealth asked Accelare to intervene.

After a series of discrete event modeling simulations, stakeholder interviews, and traffic flow analyses, Accelare developed a very straightforward, three step process to dramatically reduce wait time and simultaneously increase Customer Satisfaction:

  1. Eliminate hidden wait times
  2. Balance throughout optimization with service level targets
  3. Minimize service demand and supply mismatch through proactive resource planning

In the final installment of this three part series, we will define the concept of service demand and supply mismatch and discuss the tools and techniques Accelare used to minimize it through proactive resource planning.

Wait times: The Byproduct of Service Demand and Supply Mismatch

Despite all of the trick, tips, and techniques outlined in our two earlier posts, at the end of the day, hidden and in-branch wait time are simply a symptom of an imbalance between the number of customers coming into the branch and the number of customers exiting the branch.  In queuing theory, this imbalance is described by Little's Law:

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He no doubt would've asked, " Why do I always get stuck behind the slow customers, never the fast ones?" And while this question wouldn't rank among the best of his Yogi-isms, it would, in fact, describe what many customers experience when they visit the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). Namely, regardless of the length of your transaction, you're greeted with the same monolithic, First-in, First- Out (FIFO) waiting line as anyone else.

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He no doubt would've asked, "Why do I always get stuck behind the slow customers, never the fast ones?"  And while that question wouldn't rank among his best Yogi-isms, it would in fact describe what many customers experience when they visit the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).  Namely, whether you come prepared or not, you're greeted with the same monolithic, First-in, First-out (FIFO) waiting line as anyone else.

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Join Accelare's  Webinar Series:

What: Accelare Webinar Series:  Customer Journeys For the Rest of Us.

When: Friday, February 26th, 10:00AM ET

How many of you enjoy calling your Health Plan to discuss claims?  How about waiting in line to renew your license?  Not quite a trip to Disney, but by in large, something we experience as someone's customer every day.  In reality, customers don't need roller coasters to have positive experiences.  Most of us will stay loyal to companies that focus at being great at the little things. 

Join customer experience expert Ric Merrifield, and Accelare's own Jeff Scott and Jack Calhoun as they discuss how customer experience principles used at Disney and Starbucks can be applied to your organization's everyday interactions. See how organizations and governments have used customer journeys to:

  • streamlining driver licensing and registration in the public sector
  • onboarding and orienting new suppliers
  • advancing the employee experience from hiring to retirement
  • choosing and implementing new enterprise software

This upcoming Webinar will provide a roadmap for you to apply basic customer journey techniques in your organization.

To register for the event please visit this site:

Accelare Webinar - Customer Experience For the Rest of Us



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Congratulations to Second Harvest Heartland, who received the Bank of America 2015 Neighborhood Builder Award!

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Join Accelare's December Webinar Series:

What: Accelare Webinar Series: The Internet of Things and Customer Experience Journeys.

When: Thursday, December 10th, 10:00AM ET

The Internet of Things is dominating many conversations about where to innovate and how to differentiate when it comes to customer experiences.  But starting project planning conversations with IOT will often result in a major technology change when that isn't what you need.  Starting with the current customer experience journey - seeing where it can and should change, is a better way to decide whether IOT should be part of your recipe for success.

Join Jack Calhoun and Ric Merrifield as they discuss strategies and how architecting customer experiences can empower both your brand and consumer.

To register for the event please visit this site:

Register for Webinar


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Accelare's Amber Román and Richard Lynch are featured in the July-August issue of The European Business Review.  Their article, "Talent Management 2.0: Transformation Powered by People," addresses out-of-date views of talent management within Human Resources and lays out a path to move HR to a new model more suited to today's business environment.

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Accelare is a proud sponsor of the 2015 MACC  Conference in Minneapolis, MN. on November 11th and 12th.

Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration - Architecture, community and collaboration — that’s what we’re all about. MACC was formed by several non-profit organizations, all with a focus on promoting the practice of architecture. Each individual organization works diligently to serve their members with opportunities to grow and learn all year long. A collaboration was formed with the purpose of holding a larger event annually that would draw members from all organizations together.

For more details on the event, agenda, and speakers please visit the MACC website:


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Accelare’s Richard Lynch and Jack Calhoun are featured in the September-October issue of The European Business Review. Their article, “A Transformation Manifesto” explains how a Strategy to Execution planning process is the fasted way to build new business models and transform your culture along the way .

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Accelare’s Todd Fisher and Richard Lynch are spotlighted on the cover of The European Business Review. Their article, “Moving beyond the anecdotal: what will it take to create your digital 2.0 business model” explains how a Strategy to Execution planning process focused on Technology Strategy will raise the TQ (Technology Quotient) of your senior leadership team and, for that matter, the entire organization.

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What: Accelare Webinar Series - Enhance the Customer Journey through Capability Planning

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Accelare is a proud sponsor of the 2015 Converge Conference in Naples, Florida the week of June 8

Accelare will introduce the critical business process missing in your organization — the Strategy-to-Execution Process

The S2E process enables the alignment of innovative strategies, a next generation capability-based business model, a cross-functionally sponsored heat map review of performance, a multi-year agenda which balances the run, improve, transform priorities and support for everyday management activities. This process can be used whether you are a CEO sponsoring S2E enterprise-wide, a Business Area Owner sponsoring S2E for your business area or a Project Owner trying to get a cross-functional project delivered.

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​Neighborhood Health Plan became the first plan in Massachusetts to appoint a Chief Customer Officer. David Segal, CEO of Neighborhood Health stated, "Providing affordable coverage that is easy to manage and understand has always been a strength of NHP. As health care becomes increasingly complex for employers, providers, and consumers, we are organizing our entire company around the customer experience. We created the position of Chief Customer Officer to drive that culture and continually improve that experience in ways that are meaningful to our constituents."

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Accelare wants clients to achieve faster time-to-value.  This month Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA) and Accelare have established a partnership agreement that further improves client ability to do just that. 

Pegasystems strategic applications for sales, marketing, service, and operations:

  1. Streamline critical business operations,
  2. Seamlessly connect enterprises to their customers, and
  3. Adapt to meet changing requirements
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Enterprise FitnessTM and the Strategy-to-Execution ProcessTM have now been adopted by dozens of companies across numerous industries.  Be part of an interactive, town hall style webinar where Accelare Co-Founders Jack Calhoun and Mark McCormick will discuss lessons learned from the field.  

The discussions are case-based and look at real world successes and challenges from companies who have institutionalized the S2E process.

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Reston VA, March 24-26, 2015

Jeff Scott and Whynde Kuehn will present Business Architecture: A Key Enabler for Strategy Realization at the Business Architecture Guild’s 2015 Innovation Summit.

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In a continued effort to help clients around the world close the Strategy to Execution gap, Accelare announces a new partnership with Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTU).

As a global, IT, services company, Virtusa combines innovation, technology leadership, and industry solutions to transform business performance.

Virtusa is pleased to have Accelare as a partner. Their expertise in helping companies design and unpack strategy into practical, time-boxed implementation packages for success fit well with our strong delivery capabilities.
Together, we can help clients design and implement new business and operating models to run and grow their business.

John Gillis, Executive Vice President - Client Services and Business Development.

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In an earlier article, Clarifying Strategy Is Simple. Aligning Your Organization Is Not, a case is laid out that the clearest route to align and communicate strategy is through capabilities.  Articulating and assessing capabilities is a crucial leadership role.

The European Business Review November release will feature a follow up piece Making Capabilities Explicit is the Work of Leadership.  Written by Accelare's Richard Lynch and Amber Román, and Archtexx' Derval Kennedy, the case is made that capabilities are explicit work of leadership.

As business models change and workforce demographics shift to younger workers, leaders not only need to define strategic intent, it is essential they mobilize the organization’s talent to help plan and execute intent where a capability is a container of  people, process,and technology.

Strategy is everyone's responsibility especially when the business model is new or changing and talent at all levels are expected to be part of strategy execution.

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The Greater Boston Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England.

Annually, 25,000 volunteers help sort and distribute donated food products from their warehouse in Boston.  This August, Accelare, Boston-based consultants donated their time to help one of the largest food banks in the country sort and package food for distribution.

Last year The Greater Boston Food Bank distributed 48, million pounds of food to provide healthy meals to as many as 545,000 people.

As part of Accelare's annual volunteer day, nine Boston-based employees worked alongside five other Food Bank volunteers to pack 34,689 meals. These meals were made up of 5,390 pounds of groceries and included sorting and boxing 7,130 pounds of watermelons.

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A clearly defined and accessible strategy is crucial to organization ability to optimally align resources.

Executing strategy is, however, easier said than done.

Clarifying Strategy is Simple. Aligning Your Organization is Not written for The European Business Review by Accelare’s Richard Lynch and Amber Román and Archtexx' Gar Mac Críosta, address five key alignment challenges faced by organizations today and offers practical solutions for success.

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Accelare’s Fall 2014, Strategy to Execution (S2E) seminar scheduled for Dublin, Ireland.

The two-day seminar, Wednesday, November 12th and Thursday the 13th, provides an overview of fundamental Business Architecture concepts and the role Business Architecture has in the Strategy to Execution process.

In a highly-interactive setting, participants use case studies and practical implementation advice and learn to:

  • Prioritize, align, and communicate the key tasks to increase strategic benefit;
  • Translate strategic options into a set of business capabilities;
  • Use Heat Maps to visualize capabilities that require attention;
  • Identify valuable capabilities in terms of project investment, priorities, and sourcing options; and
  • Make capability sourcing decisions that improve flexibility and cost with a consistent framework
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The ability to execute on key strategies separates marketplace winners from losers. Having a formalized process to drive from strategy to execution is critical to competitive advantage. 

Accelare is featured in The European Business Review in an article entitled The Strategy-to-Execution Process: A Critical Component of Transient Competitive Advantage.

Written by Accelare CEO Jack Calhoun, the article points out that marketplace winners leverage an explicit and repeatable strategy process that most organizations do not.

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Second Harvest Heartland serves both Minnesota and western Wisconsin and is the Upper Midwest’s, largest, hunger, relief organization.

With a mission to end hunger through community partnerships, Second Harvest Heartland volunteers provided 130,000 hours of their time.

Last year, 65, million meals were delivered to nearly, 1,000, food shelves, pantries, and other agency, partner programs. To serve 59 Minnesota and western Wisconsin counties, Second Harvest Heartland trucks traveled nearly, half a million miles with 83, million pounds.

In August, Accelare, Minnesota-based consultants donated their time to help.  As part of Accelare's, annual volunteer day, the Minneapolis team packed 2,530 meals from 3,238 pounds food.

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