Most business leaders believe that current business models will become obsolete in the next 3-5 years.

Yet surprisingly, many companies lack a strategy to execution process to design contemporary new business models and the capabilities to deliver stakeholder results. As more people are required to play a role in shaping strategy or implementing it, how do organizations create a common language and set of tools to drive strategy alignment and investment priorities?

Our S2ECertification for individuals, teams and executives will improve client ability to:

  • Prioritize, align, and communicate what needs to be done to deliver strategy.
  • Express strategy as business capabilities.
  • Use a Heat Map to visualize the capabilities requiring attention.
  • Apply a consistent framework to make capability sourcing decisions that improve flexibility and cost.
  • Build flexible Investment Roadmaps that can rapidly align to new change forces.

Programs can be out of the box or customized to meet the specific needs of senior executives, strategy and innovation professionals, businesses development leaders, portfolio managers, business and enterprise architects.


What People Say

  • The S2E guide is valuable and easy to apply. Helps connect the dots. I wish I had this before we started (our business architecture initiative).

    Business Architect

  • Good mix of framework, practical activities …, and incorporating examples with the tools… can immediately put into practice.

    Senior Executive

  • Relevant, timely (great tool set) logical, well sequenced. S2E (is) easy to understand.

    Project Business Sponsor