What is Strategy-to-Execution

To become a Fit Enterprise your organization must master a new business process - the Strategy-to-Execution Process. Try to describe how your organization manages and pursues strategy through day to day execution - you will likely find many disjointed or missing activities – this gap is what the Strategy-to-Execution Process addresses.

S2E Whitepaper

Across major industries and business domains, S2E has helped many businesses redefine how they execute while simultaneously creating transformative strategies. We have been helping organizations apply the Strategy-to-Execution Process, and we have developed these proven packaged solutions of S2E.

Accelare S2E Solutions


Accelare solutions are packaged applications of the S2E process to address the most common pain points we work on with our clients including:

  • integrate strategy with execution
  • rapidly innovate and develop new products/services
  • create seamless, multi-channel customer experiences
  • predictably deliver projects
  • develop high value, enabling IT and HR functions
  • employ an agile work model that empowers innovation and productivity

Business Process in the Cloud

The maturity of cloud services such as SaaS and PaaS based offerings provide businesses greater ability to be more agile and efficient while modernizing business services for customers, partners, and employees. More importantly, business users are empowered to rapidly pursue value creation opportunities and respond to market changes.

Considering business strategy, business capabilities and architecture, S2E ensures deployed services deliver the reliability, scale, and features for current and future business model requirements.

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Customer Experience Design

Sustaining growth and building competitive advantage requires continual focus on enhancing the customer experience.

Accelare’s S2E for Customer Experience can ensure what’s promised during the sale is delivered during the customer experience.

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Digital Strategies

The pace of technology driven innovations and related changes in business services continues to accelerate. As devices, objects, and people become interconnected, multiple impacts are introduced on strategic and operational levels - evolving markets, new products / service opportunities and competitor offerings, new partners and business processes.

While many enterprises are kick-starting individual digital work streams, these efforts are often to tactical, narrow, and IT centric. A broader, emergent approach for the enterprise using S2E fosters innovation, outside the box thinking, and iterative execution necessary to pursue new strategic opportunities and rapidly evolve operational capabilities.

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Service Design Lifecycle Management

Accelare's S2E for SDLM offers an innovative framework that cuts across existing silos to facilitate collaborative design, development and deployment of the service offering your 2.0 world demands.

If new services are the bridge between your company’s 1.0 and 2.0 strategy, shouldn’t Accelare’s SDLM be the service development methodology supporting that strategy?

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Solution Selection

Thanks to the growth in cloud adoption and continual technology innovation, executives have a large landscape to consider when looking at potential platforms and solutions for serving their strategic and enabling capabilities. And when major platforms are involved such as ERP, HRIS or CRM, the business impact, investment, and risks demand diligent assessment and planning.

Accelare’s S2E process is a faster, less expensive and higher value approach to solution planning and selection.  Ensure you make the right decision for your business that accounts for business strategy, targeted capabilities, technology fit, and implementation essentials.  

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Transforming Government 

Unlike the private sector where market focus drives profitability, the public sector faces the unique challenge - and responsibility - of having to serve all markets, with limited resource striving simply to breakeven.  

Accelare’s S2E for Government acknowledges this challenge as well as the inherent silo’d organizations typically found in the public sector to uncover breakthrough ideas that produce results.

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Transforming the Business

Strategy to Execution (S2E) is a team sport. However, many organizations lack a common playbook and language to align resources and priorities to strategy.

Accelare' s practical and tested S2E process closes this gap value at the enterprise, business area or project level. Whether the context for change is driven by digital business models, a M&A, your organization’s growth ambition, a needed strategic cost take-out, or a new ERP platform decision, our process and toolkits speeds up time to value.

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Workday Strategy

Accelare is proud to partner with Workday to help clients understand and adopt best practices in HR and Finance. Accelare has long brought a business process perspective to how organizations deliver value to their customers, which we know is frequently inhibited by internal silos.

Workday is a leading cloud-based solution that encapsulates established, industry best practice processes that cut across traditional functional silos. We help clients to understand the plan and business case to transform their processes and rapidly benefit from Workday’s configurable, best practices.

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