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Customer Service Management

Placing the Customer's Experience (CX) as the standard for success, Accelare leverages our patented ‘S2E’ process to ensure a holistic implementation of the three core aspects of customer support - Community, Knowledge and Case Management - to ultimately deliver the value outcomes of adoption, self-service, faster resolution time and engaged agents.

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IT Business Management

Accelare’s patented ‘S2E’ implementation process drives unparalleled value of ITBM in delivering a continuous planning process to changing environments and priorities, engaging employees, and planning to demand with your customer’s highest priorities in mind.

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IT Service Management

Your digital transformation journey starts with IT Service Management. Our unique approach helps you achieve success with:

Consistent processes deeply rooted in ITIL best practices.
Efficiency gains via self service and automated workflows.
Transparency and accountability via powerful real time and actionable reports & dashboards.

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Field Service Management

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WorkFit for ServiceNow - The platform for a Fit Enterprise!

Offers an enterprise approach to digital transformation - combining the Enterprise Fitness framework and Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) process on the ServiceNow platform

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Capability Mapper-1

Capability Mapper

Build your capability model and assess the heat of your capabilities at the project, business area, or enterprise level.

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Cx Developer-1

Cx Developer

Define your products/services and customers personas and build customer journey maps, from an “outside-in” perspective, with an emphasis on customer touchpoints.  

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OKR Tracker graphic

OKR Tracker

Assess your enterprise fitness to establish a strategy on a page (OKRs), then manage and track performance of OKRs and subsequent changes to enterprise fitness. 

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Transformation Designer-1

Transformation Designer

Design, develop and manage your new 2.0 transformational services via Accelare’s well-structured and holistic Service Design Lifecycle Management process to shorten time-to-market, minimize false starts, and maximize ROI of your service portfolio.

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Accelare - City of Innovation Video Series

Welcome to Accelare’s City of Innovation, your source for pioneering solutions to digitally serve your citizens.  Using the ServiceNow Platform, we will share the most compelling strategies to deliver digital experiences that connect your communities.