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Enterprise platform to enable the Strategy-to-Execution Process

WorkFit for ServiceNow

Built to enhance the ServiceNow solutions and products you already have


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ServiceNow Solutions
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Digital Transformation on the ServiceNow Platform

Using S2E, let Accelare drive your digital transformation with ServiceNow solutions

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Accelare ServiceNow Solutions

Customer Service Management

Placing the Customer's Experience (CX) as the standard for success, Accelare leverages our patented ‘S2E’ process to ensure a holistic implementation of the three core aspects of customer support - Community, Knowledge and Case Management - to ultimately deliver the value outcomes of adoption, self-service, faster resolution time and engaged agents.

IT Business Management

Accelare’s patented ‘S2E’ implementation process drives unparalleled value of ITBM in delivering a continuous planning process to changing environments and priorities, engaging employees, and planning to demand with your customer’s highest priorities in mind.

WorkFit for ServiceNow - The platform for a Fit Enterprise!

offers an enterprise approach to digital transformation - combining the Enterprise Fitness framework and Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) process on the ServiceNow platform

WorkFit for ServiceNow

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Capability Mapper-2

Capability Mapper

Build your capability model and assess the heat of your capabilities at the project, business area, or enterprise level.

Cx Developer-2

Customer Experience Designer

Define your products/services and customers personas and build customer journey maps, from an “outside-in” perspective, with an emphasis on customer touchpoints.  

Enterprise Fitness Tracker-2

Enterprise Fitness Tracker

Assess your enterprise fitness to establish a strategy on a page (OKRs), then manage and track performance of OKRs and subsequent changes to enterprise fitness.

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