Run, Improve, Transform

Services for Strategy to Execution solutions

Accelare services help link strategy, business design, planning, and technology implementation with a run, improve, and transform performance objective.

Business Architecture

Nervous Your Current Business Model Won't Cut It?

We help you build people, process, and technology capability for business transformation and institutionalize a new business process - the Strategy to Execution process (S2E).  

S2E is a structured approach that links the usually disconnected activities of strategy, business model design, operations assessments, priority setting, portfolio management, strategic cost reduction and budgeting, business process reengineering, project road-mapping and program and project governance.

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Digital Strategy and Solution Delivery

How Can We Increase Velocity in Digitizing Our Business Model?

You are challenged to figure out your mobile/connected customer business model - but bolting mobile apps onto bad business processes or worse onto an obsolete business model is a waste of money.

Connected consumers, always-on infrastructure, multi-channel selling and servicing, big data analytics ; are all technologies which enable new ways of doing business.

We help clients develop a digital strategy as an integral part of building the business strategy and next generation operating model.  We also help IT organizations master the Strategy to Execution process (S2E) for their own organization, or what we call IT, Inc., to dramatically improve their project success rate and velocity.

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Enterprise Transformation

Can We Transform the Business While We Run It?

In order to transform, the strategic activities and the day-to-day operational activities must be aligned and synchronized. Traditional governance models manage the strategic agenda and the operations agenda in seperate silos. 

We help clients build a cohesive new governance model based on versioning of Business Capabilities (people, process and technology), we exercise the model by helping to oversee the most complex programs  and we help clients through all the change management activities in the context of doing the real work of run, improve, transform.

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Executive Education

Learn Best By Mixing It Up With Peers?

Working with your peers from other industries who are working on the similar issues offers a unique, practical learning environment.

We encourage you to participate in our multi-client Executive Education Forums or to develop custom private educational forums to help your organization rollout the Enterprise Fitness framework and the Strategy to Execution (S2E) Process.

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