Strategy to Execution

Strategy to Execution Services

The S2E Process brings together 3 disparate domains of processes

S2E – Strategy Processes

Enterprise Fitness Assessment

Is your organization fit to compete in top form? If you’re not sure, Accelare’s fitness assessment may be what your organization needs.

Our one month facilitated discovery process uncovers challenges as to the capability of the organization to deliver on your digital strategy, growth ambition, investment priorities or other strategic priorities. It also gets to heart of leadership alignment and execution issues. Read more

S2E Project Support

Strategy to Execution is a team sport. However, many organizations lack a common playbook and vernacular to align resources and priorities to strategic intent.

Accelare’s tested and proven S2E process closes this gap. Whether the context for change is driven by digital business models, a M&A, your organization’s growth ambition, a needed strategic cost take-out, or a new ERP platform decision, our toolkit speeds up time to value. Read more



S2E – Project & Change Leadership Processes

S2E Education

On-site consulting and/or workshop introduces basic concepts of the S2E Process. Driving strategy to execution, the interactive workshop features industry thought leaders, case studies, and content customized to your organization. Read more

Hybrid Organization Design

Mobilize a more agile, contemporary organization structure to execute strategy.

Scaled Agile for The Enterprise

When organizations suffer from lack of accountability, difficult decision-making, and don’t have transparency into work across the organization, they need a new way of working.

Our approach creates sustainable and flexible processes in your organization to effectively implement Agile for the entire organization. We provide guidance for Scrum training, program design, release management tools, adapted governance structures, S2E based planning controls, and change management practices. Read more

S2E – Operational Process

Business Process Reengineering

Like many organizations, there is intense pressure to run and improve the while transforming. This is no small lift. What’s required is new critical thinking approaches and problem solving tools to tackle this problem. Our approach is centered on capability building and the alignment of people, process, and technology, unlike other BPR/Six Sigma/Lean programs. Read more

Platform Assessment

Many ERP systems are nearing end-of-life and new cloud technologies offer security, efficiency and services delivery advantages. Platform decisions such as ERP, HRIS or CRM choices are big financial bets. They can be game changing events or they can be a bust. Nobody wants a colossal failure.

Accelare’s S2E process is a faster, less expensive way to determine the right technology and guide selection and migration strategies. Read more

Predictive Analytics

Accelare partners with Alivia Technology to offer predictive analytics to transform big data into action. Using Absolute Insight, we address real challenges in areas such as risk identification and fraud detection. We then streamline the investigation process and harvest and monitor the benefits. Read more