S2E for Transforming Government Value

If you are an Executive in Government, whether it be at the Federal, State or Local level you know the pressure and challenges you face trying to transform Government Value. Government Value is the effectiveness of your business processes and services at a given cost. The complexity of having to convert customer needs into legislative actions, fair and equitable laws, and valued services is uniquely challenging. We know this challenge and have helped forward-thinking Government Leaders successfully drive this process - with great speed and impact. 

In FY 2018, total US government spending, federal, state, and local, is estimated to be 36.1 percent GDP or $7.3 trillion dollars. That’s $22,025 per person plus another $2,500 per person for interest on the federal deficit.  Thirty six percent of our economy cannot deliver low customer value - this is simply unsustainable. Just like the private sector, government needs to get spending, services and customer value under control.

Accelare brings a unique perspective toward governmental transformation. Using our proven S2E methodology, Accelare helps develop key organizational behaviors that facilitate agencies' continual progress. This ensures that organizations can improve before stagnation occurs. Our governmental agency services include:

  • Business Process Redesign – Assist agencies in reviewing current business process and identifying opportunities to maximize efficiency and improve customer experience
  • Internal Communications – Help break down silo'd departments and build a culture of open dialogue and continuous communication
  • Strategy Planning – Work with the agency to develop strategic goals and define its purpose, mission and vision
  • Project Management – Deliver training for Agile Scrum and provide experienced resources for program and project management to execute desired strategy
  • Leadership Development– Provide agency leaders with the skills and insight to manage departments and teams through successful transformation

Accelare has brought our acclaimed Strategy-to-Execution knowledge to the public sector. While we have had massive success in transforming businesses and corporations, our S2E methodology has again proven itself to improve governmental agencies in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Click on the link below to see a case study on how Accelare has helped the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle.

Case Study - Re-engineering the Massachusetts RMV


If Yogi Berra would have visited the RMV he no doubt would've asked, "Why do I always get stuck behind the slow customers, never the fast ones?"  And while that question wouldn't rank among his best Yogi-isms, it would in fact describe what many customers experience when they visit the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).  Namely, whether you come prepared or not, you're greeted with the same monolithic, First-in, First-out (FIFO) waiting line as anyone else.

Governor Charlie Baker more concisely described the situation during his inauguration speech, "When people have to wait for hours to conduct a simple transaction at the Registry of Motor Vehicles they're not being served."  To remedy this, the Commonwealth asked Accelare to intervene.

Case Study

Case Study - Wonderfund


The Wonderfund is a private, nonprofit, 501(c)3 that serves children engaged with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families through a unique and exclusive partnership. Providing comfort and dignity to children in traumatic situations and enriching childhoods that have been impacted by abuse and neglect.

Read how the Wonderfund transformed to a newly rebranded and reinvented non-profit, and how it capitalized on its potentential for growth. Also, how in collaboration with the board and business partners, Accelare was able to:

  • Re-define the Wonderfund strategy
  • Clarify the brand, and
  • Decrease cost through process improvement
Case Study