Transform how HR and Finance integrate with and support your business objectives

HR and Finance are key leverage points for your organization and underlie almost everything that you do. Frequently, HR and Finance have been treated as non-strategic organizations, when in reality they permeate most activities and their processes often define how you work together. Workday offers a clear path forward to help you integrate essential financial and talent knowledge into your operations.

Workday provides realtime insights, global visibility, and predictive analytics through an engaging interface that is easy and powerful for business decision makers to work with. Don’t reinvent the wheel. It has never been easier to understand and adopt best-practice processes that have been honed and refined in large and small organizations, globally.


S2E For Workday

Human Capital Management and Financial Management

With Accelare’s S2E for Workday, we work with our clients to establish how Workday Human Capital Management and/or Workday Financial Management support the overall strategy. We work with clients in a diagnostic process to understand the greatest opportunities for improvement. With our understanding of the established processes in Workday, Accelare establishes a business case and a roadmap to show how each client can benefit from Workday. We also help clients hone in on where more extensive configuration should be considered and where additional configuration is a non-value-added distraction from their goals. Typically, we deliver:

  • business strategy alignment,
  • architecture planning,
  • business case,
  • high-level implementation plan,
  • competency assessment and development,
  • organizational design and sourcing strategy,
  • process design and use of agile, stage-gate based methods,
  • business process governance,
  • Accelare's WorkFit to facilitate portfolio management and cross-organizational teamwork