WorkFit - A new class of tools

Develop strategy, design capability-based business models, and align projects and resources to meet your key objectives WorkFit - A New Class of Tools

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  • WorkFit available on a table or desktop is a SharePoint solution for capability module design that moves your organization from strategy to execution
  • Screenshot of WorkFit, provide action at every level in the organization with the Strategy Module.
  • Screenshot of WorkFit capability model, describe the complete set of capabilities an organization requires to execute its business model or fulfill its mission.
  • WorkFit Capabilities Module screenshot, link to other elements in the planning process such as people, process, technology, and information.
  • WorkFit screenshot, view the project timing to close gaps in underperforming capabilities.
  • WorkFit screenshot, identify resources that enable capabilities.

Accelare WorkFit Strategy Module circle logoStrategy

Focus the organization on executing strategy effectively

Accelare WorkFit Capabilities Module circle logoCapabilities

Ensure alignment between the business strategies and the capabilities required to achieve them

Accelare WorkFit Requirements Module circle logoRequirements

Define critical activities that must be performed to meet organizational objectives

Accelare WorkFit Resources Module circle logoResources

Align people, process, and technology for cross-functional collaboration

Accelare WorkFit Planning Module circle logoPlanning

Investment in the right projects with greatest business value.

Accelare WorkFit Execution Module circle logoExecution

Monitor performance and balance the run, improve, transform agenda

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WorkFit is a cloud-based platform to enable the Strategy to Execution process and built on Microsoft SharePoint, the enterprise content management and collaboration leader

Microsoft SharePoint, enterprise collaboration and publishing


Enterprise Capability Model, Operating Vision, and RACI:

  • Visualize and analyze the interrelationships of key Strategy to Execution (S2E) elements.
  • An easy and intuitive interface to build and manage your capability models.


Department-Level Process Delivery with Strategy:

  • Build simple Value Streams and associate process to capabilities
  • Assess capability performance and business value for future investments


Run, Improve, Transform the Business with clearer content, higher collaboration, and super productivity:

  • Align resources, people, and technology to capabilities
  • Real-time capability and project performance metrics and dashboards
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Scale up from small projects to distributed enterprise-wide programs without changing tools

Operating Scorecards

Business Plan and Project Scorecards

WorkFit screenshot, executions metrics for enterprise operating scorecards.
WorkFit for business plan and project scorecards screenshot, of project canvas, proposal automation.