Get to Know WorkFit

The enterprise platform built to enable the S2E Process

In 2010, Accelare launched WorkFit, an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for designing and managing        the performance of a capability based organization.
Over 50 companies are employing Accelare’s Strategy to Execution (S2E) software to achieve      measurable enterprise performance improvement.
WorkFit guides your team through the essential steps of becoming a more agile enterprise: clarifying strategy, defining the operations, a plan and roadmap to achieve the goals, and a performance management platform to measure progress.

Develop a systematic approach to initiate and prioritize projects

WorkFit - Investment Roadmap

Webinar - How to Drive Greater Value from Business Architecture


Over the next few months, Jeff Scott and Matt Burke will be socializing how Business Architecture Teams can develop a clear plan to drive greater value for their business constituents.




Why We're Chosen

  • We love how Workfit can pull all the S2E elements together into one picture with capabilities, projects, apps etc - incredibly powerful. We were using Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

    WorkFit Customer