Get to Know WorkFit

The enterprise platform built to enable the S2E Process

In 2010, Accelare launched WorkFit, an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for designing and managing        the performance of a capability based organization.
Over 50 companies are employing Accelare’s Strategy to Execution (S2E) software to achieve      measurable enterprise performance improvement.
WorkFit guides your team through the essential steps of becoming a more agile enterprise: clarifying strategy, defining the operations, a plan and roadmap to achieve the goals, and a performance management platform to measure progress.
WorkFit - Investment Roadmap

How to do the right projects - Getting the most of WorkFit 

It all comes down to picking the right projects based on what your strategic priorities are. Sounds so simple, right? WorkFit gives you the dashboards and connective elements to communicate which projects are on that list but what about the process to first define which ones those are and aligning them to strategic goals. Our Next Gen Portfolio Management service offering can help you determine the best approach you need to first prioritize your organizations work and create a sustainable process with the right decision-making structures. Alongside this process, we use our WorkFit tool to empower leadership to use a new process and have access to information needed to make timely decisions.  

Webinar - How to Drive Greater Value from Business Architecture


Over the next few months, Jeff Scott and Matt Burke will be socializing how Business Architecture Teams can develop a clear plan to drive greater value for their business constituents.




Why We're Chosen

  • We love how Workfit can pull all the S2E elements together into one picture with capabilities, projects, apps etc - incredibly powerful. We were using Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

    WorkFit Customer