Get to Know WorkFit Basic

In 2018, Accelare launched WorkFit Basic.  A business friendly solution that  leverages the worlds leading collaboration platform. SharePoint.

You can now access WorkFit directly from a SharePoint site where you can buy the app for your organizational use. Like most apps for SharePoint, WorkFit Basic is a small, easy-to-use, stand-alone application that performs a specific task. The task is Capability Management.  No longer is this work done in a spreadsheet.  Now you can harness the power of SharePoint and  help people work together with a single and consistent user experience.

 WorkFit Basic is a process/capability modeling software which enables enterprises to model their current and desired business processes/capabilities. WorkFit defines and manages the network of business processes, sourced internally or externally, that deliver value to customers.

Visualize Your Network of Processes

WorkFit - SharePoint

The Capability Model provides input to manage process performance. It helps answer the question, “Do our capabilities deliver the required levels of service?” It also informs investment planning to answer the question, “What investments do we need to make to bring capabilities to required levels?”

WorkFit Basic is a capability modeling software which enables enterprises to model their current and desired business capabilities.

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Assess and Prioritize Your Investments

Capability Roadmap

When an organization’s employees understand operating model in terms of capabilities, the organization multiplies the value derived from critical initiatives by:

  • Targeting cost reduction without compromising strategy execution or quality
  • Preserving capabilities required for long term success
  • Aligning thinking about investment prioritization
  • Getting more value from technology
WorkFit Pricing

Why Choose WorkFit?

  • Brought Clarity to our Strategic Planning: We have used the WorkFit product for a few years now and the WorkFit Basic version here on the marketplace was very helpful in our planning this year!

    Existing WorkFit Customer