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by Camille Super, on Aug 26, 2021 11:30:00 AM

Read Time: 5 minutes As explored in Part 1 of this article, ‘Systemic Healthcare Change: Value-Based Care & Digital Transformation’, the healthcare industry is experiencing a paradigm shift from a …

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Topics:Digital TransformationPlatform Design EngineeringHealthcare Transformationvalue based healthcare

by Camille Super, on Aug 24, 2021 7:15:00 AM

Read Time: 6 minutes Doesn’t it make sense to pay for a service based on our experience and its value, rather than paying based on the type of transaction, regardless …

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Topics:Strategy to ExecutionDigital TransformationCOVID-19Healthcare Transformation

by Camille Super, on Aug 5, 2021 11:47:16 AM

Read Time: 7 minutes Following a year that saw the world retreat indoors, most of our day-to-day life went digital. Now that the world is reopening, I don’t know about …

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Topics:Strategy to ExecutionDigital TransformationThe Human Digital ExperienceCOVID-19

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