Identify the Right Process Changes for a Successful Re-org

by Diana Fischer, on Jan 25, 2017 8:20:00 AM


In the previous blogs, we introduced a simple 5 Step Process helping firms to build
a unique Customer Value Profile for their enterprise.  In this blog, we will look into the fifth, final, and arguably most important, step in the process where we assess the gaps between your firm’s current capabilities, and the capabilities it will need to reach the desired future state of your business.  This process will drive your organizational change program for the future and ensure alignment to your business strategy. 

Prioritize key business processes

First, find the areas on your Value Map which are significantly different in the future state versus the current state.  These areas highlight the specific experience factors which will need to change in the future.  Each experience factor has specific business capabilities and processes supporting it.  Next, identify the underlying business processes which support these new specific experience factors (realizing that some of them may be completely new capabilities). 

Accelare recommends that leaders use a matrix tool which relates customer factors to the Enterprise Process Model when mapping out the priorities in your change program.  When you have completed your matrix, you will be able to see what the business processes are the highest priority for your firm.  This will ensure that you change program is explicitly tied to your business strategy.Accelare - Strategy to Execution

Real world example

We all know that the healthcare industry is changing.  In the future, health insurance plans will increasingly need to provide timely insights to providers allowing them to make better care decisions for their patients.  I am currently working with a local health insurance to prioritize building new business capabilities and creating the necessary underlying support processes to succeed in this new environment.  In order for this health plan to differentiate itself from its peers, we identified that it would need to acquire a sophisticated data analytics capability to deliver these insights.  This required the health plan to prioritize the building of a new internal data analytics capability and create the supporting processes to create this customer experience factor for the future.  The five step process allowed leaders within the insurance firm to successfully align their enterprise level strategy and prioritize their change program for the future.    

Follow up

If you missed any of the blogs in this series and want them to inform your ongoing change programs, click here to get the entire Ebook online.  If you want a more in depth understanding of the matrix tool described above in this blog, stay tuned to the next blog where we will cover how to create an Enterprise Process Model for your business.   

There are many tools out there that can help to set up a Value Map for your business.  The Value Map above was created within the Workfit Tool.  You can check out this tool by clicking below.




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