If Jimi Hendrix visited the RMV...part 2

by Mark Withington, on Feb 28, 2018 1:21:53 PM

Unpacking Customer Satisfaction (CSat)

In our first installment, “If Yogi Berra Visited the RMV...” we described a very simple and straight forward process Accelare developed to dramatically reduce wait time at the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles.

  1. Eliminate hidden wait times
  2. Balance throughput optimization with service level target
  3. Minimize service level demand and supply mismatch through proactive resource planning

For the sake of simplicity we used wait time as a proxy for CSat, reasoning that by-and-large customers who wait less time to be serve are happier customers. While wait time plays a big part of customer satisfaction, In fact, CSat has another component beyond simply wait time and that is a more nuanced measure, how the customer felt throughout their visit.Accelare - Customer Experience 

Formulaically CSat can be expressed as the sum of two distinct parts

CSat = Quantitative measures + Qualitative measures

In this second installment of, “If Jimi Hendrix Visted the RMV…", we will explore the process by which we define, analyze and ultimately design for the positive qualitative aspect in customer satisfaction.  We will use fairly standard service design techniques such as Customer Journeys, Personas, and Moment of Truth to provide the construct of analysis, but will dive deeper to explore the actual implementation of these tools within the RMV.  To do so, we will discuss Accelare's Strategy to Execution (S2E) methodology used within within the context of a seven step Customer Experience (Cx) framework used to transform the RMV:

  1. Create a ‘customer focused’ conceptual model of the organization.
  2. Catalog the services the RMV offers to its customers, and the associated taxonomy that makes up the offering
  3. Identify the RMV channels in which it delivers these services.
  4. Document the standard Customer Journey’s through those channels.
  5. Identify the interaction points, or Moments of Truth (MoT) with the customer within those Customer Journeys and assign MoT owners
  6. Create a governance structure (Service Owners, Channel Owners) to ensure consistent development and delivery of the services
  7. And finally, create a forum in which the full end-to-end Customer Journey can be vetted, designed, and stressed to provide an engineered, consistent and hopefully positive Customer Experience.
Click below to read the first installment "If Yogi Berra visited the RMV...":
Case Study




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