If Jimi Hendrix Visited the RMV...

by Mark Withington, on Feb 23, 2018 8:30:00 AM

He might have asked, “Are you [customer] experienced?”, but then again, probably not.  One thing he would have most likely agreed with, though, is that nearly all of us have had a Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) experience.Accelare - Customer Jouney Mapping
In the second installment of Accelare’s “If XXX visited the RMV” series, we’re going to explore Accelare’s effort to transform the RMV (which in most other states is called the DMV) from a transactional based, “who’s next” operation into an end-to-end, services based Customer Experience (Cx) organization.
Why would Cx be so important to the RMV?  Because the RMV delivers intangible services, and unlike tangible goods (e.g., products) containing features that can be easily demonstrated – think of a new mobile phone, or digital wristwatch – services such as a driver’s license or vehicle registration have very few demonstrable features.  Rarely would a license owner marvel at the correct spelling of their name on their drivers license, or the paper their automobile title is printed on.  Rather the topic of dinner party discussion starts with, “you wouldn’t believe what happened to me today at the RMV”. 
More to the point, although obtaining a license, registration, or title is the reason customers go to the RMV, their actual physical delivery are simply “table stakes”.  The verdict of a good or bad RMV visit is based upon the customer’s experience – not just at the point of the transaction, but throughout their visit starting from the point where the customer is called-to-action to the point they can appeal or applaud the visit’s outcome.
In this blog series we will explore the steps involved in designing the Cx along the Customer Journey (see graphic above) and more to the point, how that Cx is deployed into an organization of multiple channels (Service Centers, Contact Centers, Web and direct interfaces), partners, and municipalities, 
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