Improving Project Outcomes

by Richard Giordano, on Feb 20, 2019 12:26:04 PM

Dynamic Retrospectives: Good Organizations and Project Teams suffer from “Project Déjà vu”, repeating bad project practices that result in the same painful experiences.

Have you been part of an organization that has been through painful and difficult projects, experiencing overruns of time and budget?  Most likely the answer is yes. If you are like us these projects lead to enormous stress from overwork, unending frustration from repeated mistakes and unfulfilled project promises, and frankly aren’t fun for anyone. Sound familiar?

There are many reasons for project issues, most of which have been repeated over and over again. New projects kick off with frustrated Team Members being jaded from the past experiences that lead to issues of complacency or anger because there is little hope of a different outcome. There are some defined common issues like projects utilizing SDLC that establish IT as nothing more than “Order takers”, we know those are doomed. Leaders want to improve the process going forward but lack the tenacity to commit to listening and learning from past experiences. The knee jerk reaction is to insert new Project Team members usually with the same impact of moving the chairs around on the deck of the Titanic thinking it will alter the sinking. Developing the right Project Team is important but landing on that being the root cause of every project going off kilter is dangerous.

To stop the cycle of bad projects and the bring value to your Organization, you need to examine key aspects of each project by examining three primary questions:

  • What worked well?Accelare Project Success
  • What didn’t work well?
  • What are the suggested solutions to mitigate the issues?

At Accelare, we find that these questions are simple in nature but gathering the answers and acting on ways to eliminate the plaquing practices are essential but are extremely difficult for Organizations to implement.

Facilitating a dynamic Retrospective of each project is a transformative approach that creates unexpected transparency and value to any Organization. The completion of a successful Retrospective will drive change and increase project management efficiency and effectiveness. If Retrospectives become the norm and action is taken the Organization will forge better strategies, manage their time and money better and will enjoy improved communication through the Business and IT ranks.

Measuring project success is more than time, scope, and budget. Realizing the true value requires a way to link work explicitly to strategy, through portfolios.  Click below to learn more about Accelare helped a healthcare payer iteratively design an EPMO that gave them the ability to deliver value quickly, prioritize strategic work, and sustain organizational change.



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