Are You Managing Your Strategy Blindly?

by Richard Lynch, on Apr 9, 2018 8:14:19 AM


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and business intelligence are hot topics in many companies and attracting big budgets.  Companies are launching pilots and centers of excellence to tap into the power of big data. 


They want insights into what they can’t see.  For sure, AI will radically change things like fraud waste and abuse, personalization, and predicting lifetime value and risk of churn for individual customers.

However, there is another blind spot hidden in plain sight: your company’s business strategy. Most people know it exists but they can’t see it in their day to day work. 

This is a major governance issue for modern companies.  According to Ken Jennings and Heather Hyde, authors of The Greater Goal “20% of company employees should be involved in developing the strategy and 100% in executing it.” How can leaders and employees execute strategy with blinders on?  In fact, more 50% of employees cannot accurately describe the organization’s strategy.

 Wouldn’t it be enlightening for leaders and employees alike to be able to:

  1. Improve visibility by providing access to key strategic models and elements like mission, vision, strategic objectives, value maps and customer journey maps.
  2. Get insights into new business capabilities needed to executed strategy and understand their role in delivering them.
  3. Visualize powerful heat maps and other views of the company for a clear focus on prioritizing projects.
  4. Connect the dots from strategy to capabilities to the projects that close gaps.

That’s why we developed WorkFit. A visualization tool that connects the entire workforce to strategy execution.

Accelare - WorkFit

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