WorkFit Feature Round-up: The Capability Family Canvas

by Matt Burke, on Mar 22, 2016 4:40:02 PM

Capability_Canvas.jpgWe all get stuck sometimes…it’s part of the human experience. We know what we want to achieve and have a plan for doing it, but suddenly we’re faced with challenges or obstacles that confuse us. The situation may involve addressing a problem or investing in an opportunity, but the fact is, we don’t know how to resolve it given the present facts. Most times we are able to figure out these dilemmas provided we have the right information to make the correct decisions.

Many business leaders experience these dilemmas on a daily basis.  While it’s impossible to eliminate risk from strategic decision making, Accelare's WorkFit makes it possible for business leaders and companies to significantly improve their chances of success by providing a platform that delivers the right information to prevent getting stuck .  This month we will explore one of these WorkFit features: The Capability Family Canvas. 

The Capability Family Canvas is a powerful tool in the transition from capability modeling to using capabilities to run, improve, and transform the organization.  It should be part of the leader's tool box to communicate the direction and efforts being made in the family in question. 

Senior leaders usually spend much of their time communicating plans and progress.  The Capability Family Canvas delivers a single page of information that includes:

  • Current health of the family capabilities
  • Current metric values with red/yellow/green indicators
  • Active and planned projects that will impact the capabilities in the family
  • Lists of current challenges and priorities

WorkFit Capability Family Canvas.jpgWhat makes this especially useful is the fact that the majority of the data is generated from the information already populated in other WorkFit Modules.  The lists can be customized which gives that customer another opportunity to put their "fingerprints" on what is important to their organization and what will help them become a "Fit Enterprise".

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