WorkFit Feature Round-up: The New Strategy Module

by Matt Burke, on Oct 29, 2015 11:58:34 AM

Thank you to the WorkFit Community for all your feedback.  We had a great turn out for The Customer Journey webinar last month.  Thank you to all those who joined.

The WorkFit Monthly round-up blog provides the WorkFit Community insight into a variety of WorkFit tweaks and improvements. While our Release Notes focus on the major changes announced by Accelare, this blog highlights some of the more interesting additions and refinements made to WorkFit throughout its lifespan. Here is the October round up of tweaks that can go a long way in bringing you a more enhanced WorkFit environment. Let’s have a quick look at how the new Strategy Module offers an efficient method for strategy alignment!


Strategy Modeling in WorkFit 8.5:  Strategy Modeling represents an organization's goals and strategies at a point in time.  At the top of the strategy model are goals.  Goals are high level outcomes that the organization is trying to achieve at the point in time.

Strat_Model.pngGoals:  Construct the desired state or preferred results the organizations attempting to realize and achieve.

Objectives:  Further define goals in quantifiable terms.  Adding objectives allow you to further define a goal by setting a specific target in the achievement of the goal.

Objectives.pngStrategies:  Courses of action to achieve objectives and goals.  These actions are stored in the Strategies Library and can be related to any goal or objective.

Strategy Library in WorkFitCapabilities:  Determine the capabilities needed to successfully implement your strategy.  Align Capabilities and Projects required to execute your Strategies.  As well as the primary metrics to provide key indicators of progress in achieving your goals.


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