An Entrepreneur's Growth Challenge

by Amber Roman, on Apr 26, 2017 12:16:20 PM

In our first video in the S2E for the Entrepreneur series, we followed Jake from the initial strategy and vision, to building a competitive business model.

In the next video, we have continued our journey with Jake as he combats the challenges they face when building a startup company. After successfully launching his business, Jake’s sales have reached a level where he should now think about growth. Resourceful entrepreneurs have “managerial capacity,” the skill and experience needed to take advantage of opportunities for new products or services that could help expand their business.

S2E ToolboxJake has been researching some important growth topics:

  • How do you promote growth?
  • Have a plan for it and develop key partnerships
  • Define your growth strategy — What are you trying to grow?
  • Increase profit, revenue, market share, target new customer, etc.
  • Why is growth sought?
  • Market leadership, diversification, etc.

Watch our second video where we explore how a capability model helps Jake adopt Accelare’s methods to identify an effective growth strategy utilizing capability modeling.



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