A Sandbox for Business Transformation

by Richard Lynch, on May 16, 2018 11:33:37 AM

Strategy& published a gem of an article, The Serious Business of Sandboxes.  Here’s a few snippets:

Improvisation and collaboration may not be the first imperatives that come to mind when thinking about the corporate world. But as digital disruption accelerates, rendering old ways of doing things obsolete, more and more corporate leaders are seeking creative ideas to solve new problems. Whether in media or design or industrial machinery, the need to foster and harness the creativity of individuals working in teams has never been more urgent."

The best place for your business to enact his advice — to create and “make tomorrow” — is in a sandbox. Think about it. Sandboxes are venues that bring together all kinds of kids in an open but finite space that encourages exploration and interaction with little threat of harm.”

"The idea of a sandbox provides an apt metaphor for the type of collaboration and interaction that should take place in the open, communal office spaces, virtual meetings, management retreats, and other places where we work now."

The author points out that real-world sandboxes need well-defined frames; otherwise the sand leaks out.

Accelare - WorkFit

Accelare agrees and that is why we built a better sandbox: WorkFit.

WorkFit provides the business transformation  “sandbox” to empower your organization with the blueprint, visibility, and ownership necessary to prioritize projects and implement your strategy. It was designed to connect all the players with a role in strategy to execution since that’s just about everyone in your organization.



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Do you have what it takes to know when to grease or replace the squeaky wheel?
Learn how some companies are filtering the noise from the squeaky wheel and rationing a portion of spending to build needed future state capabilities.


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