6 Tempting Qualities of a Successful Business Architects

by Richard Lynch, on Nov 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Traits of Business ArchitectI was asked recently “what does it take to be successful Business Architect?” As an early contributor to the profession (The Capable Company: Building Capabilities that Make Strategy Work) here’s some observations on consultant and client teams.  

The people that I want to work with and that inspire me have special traits. These traits are similar to the attributes of entrepreneurs or “intra-preneuers” as articulated by colleague Don Laurie, author of the HBR classic, "Creating New Growth Platforms."  

Here are the six traits:


Love new challenges. They find needs, enabling factors and capabilities in unlikely places, often accidentally explored.

Fast & Adaptive Thinkers

The purpose of their work is to problem solve quickly. They work to find substantial, workable solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.


In both the intellectual/imaginative world and the real/practical environment; they believe trial and error is essential to new learning.

Constructive Dissatisfied:

Someone who takes an open, professional critique of an organization’s processes, staffing, solutions, goals and strategies and seeks alternative, better results. They have a spirit and approach more than a skill.

Honest & Candid:

Their assessments are based on facts – not political affiliation. They do the right thing.


A win is a win. They take advantage of any available; a practical solution is essential to them and the client.

When I interview people at all levels, I look for these traits whether I’m building a client business architecture team or hiring a new consultant. 

For information on New Growth Platforms download "Aligning HR to the
CEO Growth Agenda", an article written by Rich Lynch and Don Laurie:




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