Waiting At The DMV - It's A Process Problem

by Matt Donovan, on May 12, 2022 10:30:00 AM

If you have ever been to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you know how frustrating it is siting in the crowded lobby waiting for your ticket to be called. DMV’s have a difficult job trying to complete hundreds of transactions every day to make sure driver are safe to operate, and cars are road legal. These transactions each take different amounts of time to complete and depending on what’s needed, require different amounts of preparedness by the customer.

What happens in traditional queues, is that customers are served like they would be at a deli counter: first in, first out. But this type of model breaks down when trying to manage a variety of different transaction for a wide variety of customers. This results in customers with quick, easy transactions getting stuck behind customers with more complex or time-consuming transactions. This traditional model increases wait times for all customers.

Some states have started to realize the importance of customer experience in their approach to constituent relations. At the DMV this includes making more transaction available online for customer to complete at home, using appointments to dictate when people come in, pre-staging customer to make sure they come in prepared, and adopting queuing theory to create a “fast lane” for easy transactions to skip the line and get served quickly. In today’s word, customers have learned to expect more from who they do business with, and the government is no exception!

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