WorkFit Feature Round-up - Roadmaps. Anyone?

by Matt Burke, on Dec 11, 2015 1:31:14 PM

Happy Holidays! I wanted to extend our appreciation to the entire WorkFit Community.   A warm welcome to the newest members and a special thank you to our long-time customers.  Users, like you, have been the chief designers of WorkFit so it is a lot of fun for us to share, in this blog, some of the great ideas that have made it into the WorkFit Product suite. In early 2016, the team will be launching the HTML 5 version of WorkFit so we can use our mobile devices, iPads, and Android tablets as we make our enterprises more "fit" through strategy to execution excellence.  

Speaking of long-time customers.  Earlier this week, I visited one of the first enterprise buyers of WorkFit to participate in a workshop to help them improve the transparency and consistency of strategy to execution.  As our workshop progressed, the client team started discussing project planning.   Like many companies,  this customer used to judge project success by whether the project was on time, on budget, and if the results were as specified. However,  with WorkFit and the adopted Accelare S2E methods, projects that fail to contribute to the achievement of the organizational goals or fail to impact an under performing capability, no matter how effectively managed, cannot be considered a successful investment. Inappropriate projects consume limited staff and capital that could be put to better use.   

From these project discussions, the client team asked about how they could extract data from WorkFit to make a custom presentation for the executives.  They had two simple requests:

  • How can we illustrate which projects are going to help achieve our strategic goals and when will they be completed?
  • How can we illustrate which projects are going to impact which capability?

I had two reactions:  I was pleased that we had already built and deployed those features some time ago.  I was disappointed that this customer was not taking advantage of one of the cool visualizations that other customers had asked for.

In any event the Strategy Roadmap GANTT gives you a view of all the projects related to a specific strategy.  It looks like this:Gantt Project RoadmapIts sibling, the Capability Roadmap GANTT provides a view of all the projects that are going to impact or deliver capabilities.  It looks like this:


The creation of the these Roadmaps involves these very simple steps:

  1. Import or Create a New Project Proposal  
  2. Provide an estimated start and estimated end date
  3. Relate Project(s) to Strategies and Capabilities.
  4. Visualize the Strategy/Capability Roadmap GANTT

Try it Out: Create a new Project Proposal using the Project Canvas or the Project Proposal Form (the Project Proposal Form is new). 


Click on the Planning Module then choose your Project Portfolio and click the "Create New Proposal" button as seen below.


 Next Step: Make sure you provide the highlighted details for the Project:

  • Project Name
  • Start/End Date
  • Impacted Capabilities (see below)



Next time someone asks, "Can you create a slide that shows all of the projects we are doing to improve the Capability to Acquire Customers?" Send them a link to the Capability Roadmap GANTT. You've already done the work; no need to do it again. 

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In the meantime, if you want to learn how to create Roadmaps and other visualizations like this we are a click away.





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