WorkFit Whiteboard Video: Custom Measures

by Matt Burke, on Mar 27, 2018 10:49:03 AM

For those of you who may not know me, I am the Managing Director of the WorkFit product.  This means I spend most of my time socializing WorkFit with our customers and prospects.  This never gets old as these conversations represent ongoing education with some long time relationships.   

In an effort to reach more of you, I decided to create a WorkFIWorkFit Whiteboardt Whiteboard series of videos.  The idea behind the whiteboard is simple.  These short videos will offer a look into various WorkFit features and functions as well as a deeper dive into some of the methods behind the madness.  This months video will focus on Custom Measures.  During many of my demo sessions, several questions arise regarding capability assessments and how to configure various measures.  Since this is a very common subject I thought we'd recap on the embedded logic in the tool and offer a short video highlighting how to build customize measures in WorkFit.

Jeff Scott mentions in his blog post “Capabilities Demystified-Part 3” the first step in assessing a capability is to determine value contribution, then (and only then) assess performance.  This entails determining the strategic and financial impact of the capabilities which results in a contribution map.  Organizations then assess how effective and efficient the capabilities are in comparison to the industry standard. This results in the creation of a performance map. The combination of the contribution and performance maps form a calculated heat map. Out of the box, Workfit offers organizations the ability to perform this heat assessment of their capability model. The tool uses an algorithm to determine heat scores based on the value and performance of a capability as seen below. 

WorkFit - Capability Heat Assessment

What if you have other business criteria you want to measure?  Enter the Custom Measures.  WorkFit provides the flexibility to create your own assessment measures to conduct detailed assessments and evaluations of various entities.  This allows for the capability model and assessment visiualizations to be tailored to your customers or business constituents. 


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