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by Helen Wall, on Jul 10, 2017 3:17:31 PM

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper once said the most dangerous phrase in the EnglishWorkFit - Capability Org Chart language is “we’ve always done it this way.”  The reality is that there are many processes and structures in a business organization that exist the way they are simply because someone set them up that way and they were never changed.  There are many examples of this:  approval processes with unnecessary levels of approvers and mainframe screens for operational systems are just two instances.

In a blog I previously wrote, I talked about the rise of Estonia in the last 25 years and their astonishing path of technology success in the last two decades.  This is a former Eastern Bloc country that went from only having one international phone line in 1991 to becoming a hub on technology and innovation in the 21st century.  One key to their astonishing success was the idea of ditching legacy thinking (which is more encompassing than just ditching legacy technology).  For example, the tax filing process in Estonia now in place has all the fields filled out for those filing – they only need to confirm the information and submit the form.

Organizations can not only rethink their processes and practices, but also their own organizational structures.  Anyone familiar with large corporate organizational charts knows that the charts themselves are unyielding large.  They are also filled with job titles that do very little to describe the job that the employee does, and even worse steering the employee towards bureaucratic activities.

The latest version of WorkFit adds a fresh perspective to the traditional organizational chart by aligning resources (people and teams) to capabilities.  We refer to this as "Enterprise Accountability".   Matching personnel with the organizational capabilities provides:  

  • clarity in roles and responsibilities (Capability Owners)
  • accountability for capability operating cost, future investments, and overall performance 
  • a high performing unified team of individuals with a common goal

WorkFit - Enterprise AccountabilityIf you are interested in learning more about Accelare’s WorkFit technology or the services Accelare offers please click below.  Stayed tuned for the next in this series of learning more about WorkFit and capability based planning.



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