WorkFit Feature Round-up: The Project Canvas

by Daniel Luby, on Dec 7, 2016 1:18:02 PM

As Business Architects progress through the  Strategy to ExecutionAccelare - Closing Capability Gaps with Projects methodology they eventually arrive at a point where they must create projects to close the capability gaps they have identified.  WorkFit enables users to create new project proposals within an existing project portfolio or simply add the new project in the idea pool.

The project canvas gives an all-encompassing summary of a particular project:

  • Impact- Is the project meant to improve a capability, address a strategy, or improve a metric?
  • Schedule- When is the project expected to start and end? What is the expected duration? Are there hard deadlines?
  • What are the estimated financial costs and benefits of the project?
  • How many full time employees are expected to be allocated towards its completion? 

Users are able to assign people from the Resource Module and User Stories from the Requirements Module to the Project Canvas:

  • Project Sponsor, Business and IT Leads, Project Manager
  • Story group, Constituents, Estimated Effort, and Urgency

Once a project goes from the idea stage to the approved stage users have the ability to add additional data:

  • Overall Project Health- This is based on evaluating how close the project is to being on budget and on schedule
  • Execution Status: Active, On Hold, Canceled, etc.
  • Phase: Initiation, Planning, Executing, etc.
  • Start Date, Forecasted Finish, Finished on Date
  • Final Analysis: Actual Cost, Actual Benefit, Actual FTE’sProject_Canvas_Callouts.png

The Project Canvas gives business leaders the ability to view the project intent, cost/benefit comparison, and schedule. This allows for an easy decision making process when deciding to approve or reject the project. Additionally, how to prioritize the project if the investment roadmap is approved.  

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